Member, PEI Children and Youth Table

Hello! My name is June Horne and as of 2020 I am 11 years-old. I was born in Kitchener, Ontario and moved to Prince Edward Island when I was four. I am an only child, but I have a dog named Macintosh, who is like a little brother. I am a grade 7 student at Stonepark Intermediate School. I live in a small house in a rural area with a forest behind it, and in my spare time I enjoy going outside and feeding all of the squirrels and birds that live on our property. 


Speaking of spare time, I have lots of hobbies! I like to Bullet Journal, needle felt, sew, read (I'm a bit of a bookworm), bake, cook, and I especially love theater! I have done countless unprofessional productions, and for the past two years I have been a member of the cast in Anne of Green Gables- The MusicalTM at Confederation Centre of the Arts. I also love to travel with my family. Together, we have been to Paris, NYC, Vancouver, Montreal, Newfoundland, Toronto, and this past February we went on a MEGA Vacation for my Birthday to Orlando! It was a trip I had waited my whole life for.

Child and Youth Table

Participating on the Child and Youth Table for the past few months has changed my life. I feel like my voice is being heard and I look forward to discussing my values at meetings, which I will talk more about later. I think every individual at this table is amazing and smart. I look forward to getting to know them better over the years.

My Values

Oh man! This will be a long paragraph! I care about many issues in the world; I could go on and on forever, so I will only list three: I think everyone should have the same rights - EVERYONE. It does not matter if you are black, white, female, male, Asian, Canadian, identify with the LGBTQ+ community, child or adult, everyone should be treated fairly. I think this a major issue right now, and it needs to be fixed. Another issue I care about is feminine rights! As a female, I strongly disagree with sexisim and I see violations against feminine Rights everyday. Going back to what I said before, everyone should be treated equally. I also care about climate change, and I actually made a huge project about this topic last year. I really think that politicians are not taking this issue seriously and we need to do something. I feel that because I am a youth, and because the government isn't doing much I have to take charge. This is a serious issue. This is real. This has to stop NOW. One last topic I will talk about is LGBTQ+ rights. My grandfather was gay when it was illegal, so this topic means a lot to me personally. I believe no matter your sexuality, you are unique and beautiful. 

My Future

I hope to pursue a career in the arts, specifically theater. It is my dream to be accepted at Sheridan College. I plan to continue acting for five to ten more years, and then go to a university to get a fine arts degree. In my later life I would like to do more directing and stage managing to understand the Arts and how it works. Why theater you ask? I love it. I have made so many friends through theater, and they all changed my life.

When I'm on stage, all of my problems and fears melt away. Nothing else matters."

I have made so many friends through theater, and they all changed my life.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my life. Have a good day.